About Us

Our mission:
To inform, to provide, to develop, and to inspire. 

Who We Are:
Soccer Made in America is a national soccer training organization dedicated to elevating technical and tactical awareness.
We are a place for valuable information.
We are place to shop for soccer stuff.
We are manufacturer for soccer equipment.  We are here for you.

What We Do:
We provide the latest methodology for the progressive soccer community. We answer questions and solve tactical and technical problems. We provide modern and most effective technical and tactical methodology for high schools, soccer clubs, and soccer associations in United States.

We Provide:

  • Latest FIFA methodology
  • Customized training programs
  • We elevate tactical and technical awareness for teams and clubs. We elevate coaching education for the soccer communities.
  • We manufacture the finest soccer uniforms made in the United States

Some of Our Clients:

  • #1 High School boys team in United States
  • #2 High School girls team in United States
  • Club teams across United States
  • United States Adult Soccer Association Men’s National Select Team

Our community:

  • Professional Training Organization
  • National Director of Coaching for United States Adult Soccer Association
  • Professional Players
  • Professional Coaches
  • A friendly and welcoming soccer community