Advanced Coaching

The SMIA Online National Training Center offers extensive information and content on the aspects for the higher level coaching.Coaching is a never ending opportunity to learn.  We are many voices with one goal in mind. We are primarily here for the betterment and improvement of our teams and our players. 

The SMIA Advanced Coaching Education Program demonstrates the latest methodology from the highest levels throughout the world including FIFA, UEFA, USSF and USASA for advanced coaching concepts dealing with:

  • Methods
  • Systems of Play
  • Style of Play
  • Principles of Attacking
  • Principles of Defending
  • Knowing how to play with numbers up, down, and even
  • Transition
  • 10 Lessons from the World Cup
  • Pattern Play
  • Pressing
  • Transition
  • Small Groups – Value of 4 V 4
  • Larger Groups – 8 V 8
  • Getting Behind Defenders
  • Goal keeping
  • Fitness
  • Psychological Demands of the Game
  • Care and Prevention of athletic injuries

These are only a few of the areas featured in the SMIA National Training Center.

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