Advanced Players

It’s a proven fact that a player can put a tremendous amount of time into developing his or her game and the results might be limited.  Unless a proper technical foundation is introduced; creativity, improvisation, and tactical decision making will be limited. 

The SMIA Online National Training Center is committed to providing complete technical and tactical world class content for the development of a higher level player.  Every two weeks you will receive the most effective training methods through animation, video and text.

For players who have a vision of playing at collegiate, professional, and international levels, the SMIA Online National Training Center will provide a highly valuable and purposeful program for development. The SMIA Training Center is dedicated to providing a purposeful method for the total development of players who are serious about their game and becoming a higher level competitive player.

Some of the topics presented:

  • Perfecting pure form and technical breakdown
  • Perfecting shooting accuracy
  • Perfecting passing accuracy
  • Developing precision in dribbling, passing, shooting and receiving
  • Developing first touch and feel for the ball
  • Individual tactics of defending and attacking
  • Group tactics of defending and attacking
  • Playing out of the back, middle, and up front
  • Deceptiveness, faking, and improvisation
  • Anticipation
  • Changing the point of attack
  • Transition
  • Playing under pressure
  • Understanding pressing
  • Psychological benefits
  • Mental toughness
  • Creating goal scoring opportunities
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness-speed and strengthening program
  • Recognizing critical situations
  • Elevate confidence
  • Goalkeeping
  • Role of a goal keeper
  • Individual training for goalkeepers

Enjoy playing soccer; enjoy playing soccer well.

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