Customized High School And Club Advanced Training Program

Quality training does make a difference. This is a serious training program designed for a serious level of competition. Experience a customized, professional training program for your organization from one of the most respected coaches in United States, Aleks Mihailovic. Aleks is the United States Adult Soccer Association National Director of Coaching and a former Professional player. This is a highly effective training program specializing in specific areas of the game, specially designed to prepare teams for high level competition.

The SMIA Training Program has been designed to provide the most complete soccer training for individuals and teams at all levels. That is why SMIA has provided training for some of the best high schools and clubs in nation!

  • St. Thomas Aquinas, #1 ranked boys high school in United States
  • Sacred Heart Academy, #1 ranked girls High School in United States
  • Chicago Blast Soccer Club, #1 ranked U-14 Team in the Midwest
  • Fernandina Beach Soccer Club, located in Fernandina, FL

This training program specializes in modernization of the game through customized development for your team.

  • Defending through pressing
  • Deep defending and counter attacking
  • Transition and counter attacking
  • Attacking deep
  • Attacking through build up
  • Set pieces
  • and more

Program includes:

  • .Coaching through phases
  • Technical elevation
  • Tactical awareness
  • Speed of play
  • Systems of play
  • Style of play

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