Developing Players

Training for Ages 6-10  

The SMIA program for the developing player demonstrates specific activities on improving ball handling skills such as:   passing, dribbling, shooting, receiving, control of the ball, and goal keeping. It also provides a segment on balancing, lower center of gravity, and body mechanics, specially designed for introduction of pure form for age appropriate development.  The Soccer Made in America training program is a nationally renowned program for the development of and training of skills.

Here’s why these ages are so critical to the overall development:  the ages between 12 and 14 are called the Golden Ages.  During this period players will learn more than in any other period.  What they learn during this time will also govern the rest of their playing career.  This is why it is so important players are introduced through proper execution of skills and through the fundamental building blocks early on in their formative years.  If players are allowed to develop through bad habits it will dramatically hinder development during the Golden Ages.  Avoid development of bad habits and learn how to execute skills the proper way.

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