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Imagine a sense of depth in soccer development that is so highly effective and can significantly improve individual performance. The Soccer Made in America Private Lessons and Training Program will provide the opportunity to perfect and elevate individual skills and inspire players of all ages. 

Experience a high level of success of individual improvement and effectiveness of skill refinement. What is important for every parent is to have their child taught proper technical development early, in order for pure form to register.

Coached by Professionals

SMIA Private Training Program is conducted by Aleks Mihailovic, a UnitedStates Adult Soccer Association National Director of Coaching and a formerprofessional player and Soccer Made in America training staff.

Installing Fundamental Technical Blocks

SMIA Training Program specializes in refining and teaching the proper way of executing a skill or technique in all major skill areas. In this program, it is important for every parent to understand the difference between positive technical execution versus bad habits being reinforced in the way their child is being taught. The SMIA training provides a complete technical breakdown for parents and players of:

  • Where – the skill needs improvement
  • Why – the player is having difficulties in executing
  • How – to reverse bad habits into positive execution
Unless skills are perfected, a player’s confidence, speed of play, tactics and their ability to impact the game will suffer. The SMIA private training program is a highly effective developmental program based on: 

Everyone learns and develops differently, and therefore everyone with the right kind of technical approach can improve his or her technical abilities. Each training is customized for individual needs.

Where and how players will benefit form the SMIA Private Training Program:

  • Higher technical elevation
  • Better technical execution
  • Increased confidence
  • Better feel for the ball
  • Improved accuracy
  • Better mobility
  • Better balance
  • Improved work rate
  • Better first touch
  • Better mechanics
  • Increased use of both feet

Once form is perfected the next step is to provide fluid and creative movement which is important for improvisation and rhythm of play.

Basic goalkeeping training: 

  • Foot work and mobility
  • Basic technique of catching the ball
  • Technique of handling low, waist high, head high, and high shots
  • Diving techniques
  • Positioning
  • Dealing with crosses
  • Distribution techniques
  • Dealing with breakaways and positioning
The Golden Ages
SMIA Private Training Program offers three levels of training. During the first level, ages 6 through 12, is considered a period of preparation for the Golden Ages, which takes place between ages of 12 through 14. During the Golden Ages, what players learn will govern the rest of their playing career. If players are not technically prepared for this period, their development will never reach its full potential. 

Individual training is only good if it can be incorporated into a game and tactically applied. Negative execution or BAD HABITS are a combination of overlooked fundamentals that end up hindering and governing a player’s performance.

Everyone learns and develops differently and therefore everyone with the right kind of technical approach can improve his or her technical abilities. Each training session is customized based on individual performance.

Each player will receive an understanding WHERE their technical level is. HOW it got to the existing stage. WHAT we have to do to improve. The SMIA Private Training Program will work One on One, with Two players, with Three players, and up to Four Players. The small group training session are primarily designed for decision making and individual tactical session.

Level One
Beginners essentials: Introduction of proper form to all major skills and techniques, enjoyment of playing and learning the game through age-level appropriate development. 

  • Dribbling-all types
  • Faking-all types and variations
  • Shooting-all types
  • Turning and receiving-variations
  • Shielding-variations
  • Heading-all types
  • Ball control-all types
  • Introduction to Body Mechanics training
  • Goalkeeping-technical refinement and reinforcement
Level Two
Guides and features for competitive demands of the game through SMIA’s Proper Body Mechanics Training Program. This program will guide players through the competitive demands of the game, teach perfection of form and technical refinement in all major skills and encourage speed, creativity and improvisation after technical elevation has been achieved.
  • Functional training
  • Advanced dribbling variations, body mechanics
  • Advanced passing variations – short and long distances
  • Advanced shooting variations, body mechanics
  • Faking and improvising
  • Precision demands, all major skills
  • Accuracy demands, all major skills
  • Agility
  • Lowering center of gravity with and without the ball
  • Vision
  • Individual tactics
  • Advanced foot skills
  • Creating
  • Advanced goalkeeping
Level Three
Advanced, technical adaptation of skills and perfection of pure form in all major technical areas. The training program also emphasizes the speed of thought and speed of execution, while reinforcing precision and accuracy. This program is geared for college and highly advanced players with ambition of pursuing aprofessional playing level.
  • Speed of execution
  • Plyometrics
  • Vision-scanning
  • Advanced ball skills
  • Aerobic and anaerobic physical preparation
  • Ballistic and explosive movements with and without the ball
  • Long distance accuracy and precision in shooting, chipping and passing
  • Speed training- ball oriented acceleration
  • Advanced finishing training
  • Advanced ball control skills
  • Creating and improvising
  • Highly advanced goalkeeping
Injury Prevention Program
What is very significant about the SMIA training program is that it drastically reduces injuries to ACL and other potentially serious injuries to the body. This is largely due to precision in Body Mechanics Stage used for developing players. 

How injuries occur:

  • Players reach to the ball and expose the body to contact rather using techniques to reduce potential injuries.
  • Don’t lower their center of gravity when changing direction with or withoutthe ball.
  • Players are not taught specific techniques for softening impacts during contact.
  • They don’t use the arms properly to protect themselves during contact, when shielding, challenging, controlling and securing the ball.
  • Lack of vision and head down.
  • Lack of strength in specific areas of the body when absorbing contact.
  • Lack of balance and mobility.

All of these areas are recognized and implemented while the training is on going.

Soccer Specific-Acceleration Program
SMIA also offers soccer specific training for speed and acceleration program. The program specializes increasing: 

  • Pure speed
  • Technical speed –speed training in relation to the ball
  • First step
  • Fitness
  • Strengthening
  • Quickness

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