SMIA Coaching Education

Welcome to Soccer Made in America Coaching Education Program. We are proud to be able to provide coaching education for clubs and high school programs all across the country. Enjoy a complete tactical breakdown for your organization.

The SMIA Coaching Program includes both classroom and field sessions. The class room sessions are theory-oriented and field sessions are practical-oriented.

The Coaching Education Program is based on providing clubs, teams and organizations with a complete infrastructure for age and level appropriate development.

One of the key areas of the program is the Modernization of the game. The methods used are specifically designed to provide coaches new methods in coaching, managing, and organizing teams.

Either a coaching clinic through SMIA can be set up for your organization or a complete US Soccer Federation United States Adult Licensing Course (Either E or D Level License).

Program considerations:

  • Coaching through phases
  • Speed of play
  • Systems of play
  • Style of play
  • Methods of play
  • Deep defending variations
  • Pressing variations
  • Ball oriented defending
  • Attacking variations
  • Technical awareness
  • Tactical awareness
  • Game management
  • Functional training
  • Medical considerations and more
Your players will benefit from the implementation of a highly successful program. Prepare your coaches and managers in areas of the game that brings success to your community.

The SMIA customized Coaching Education Program is conducted by Aleks Mihailovic, United States National Director of Coaching. The program provides all the necessary technical and technical fundamental blocks critical to player advancement.

Please provide a description of the level and ages you would like to have Coaching Education provided for.


  • Ages of players
  • Primary areas that you would like to have most consideration in
  • Overall development you would like to see improve
  • Areas you may be lacking in your current program

To set up a Coaching Clinic or USASA Licensing Course please fill out information below and contact us at 630-257-6900.

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