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Play In Style
When you step on the field in a SMIA uniform, you will be inspired to perform at another level. Made from special combinations, SMIA Cool Max will keep your body cool and comfortable under any conditions. SMIA Cool Max is a superb product that inspires soccer players to perform at the maximum level.

Inspired by the history of America and built on quality and tradition. Soccer Made in America uniform line is fast becoming a very popular product line across United States. SMIA offers a complete range of high quality products for teams and individual soccer participants at an affordable price point. Discover a cool and exciting array of colors and designs.

Can a uniform design inspire your team without having to compromise between design and quality? Yes it can! When style combines with smart technology you can transform inspiration into something that rises above the ordinary. Allow Soccer Made in America to build an American Classic for you team, club, or organization. We take tremendous pride in the quality and designs of our uniforms. Please enjoy creating a perfect color combination that is guaranteed to motivate your players.

  1. Choose a style: Global, Classic or Classic Sweat Suit.
  2. Choose your color combinations in our Design Studio.
  3. Select the colors you chose from our form to order.


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