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As an athletic community, we greatly encourage health and well-being to everyone, regardless of age. We're proud to partner with Rejuvant to promote better health to our soccer community.


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What is Rejuvant? 


Rejuvant® is a groundbreaking lifestyle nutraceutical created on the essential principle that increasing human healthspan is a critical aspect of combating the aging process and enhancing overall wellbeing. Studies have shown that when taken for over seven months, Rejuvant has the potential to reduce your biological age by up to 8 years. This unique formulation, LifeAKG, utilizes optimized Ca-AKG with enhanced bioavailability through a patented slow release mechanism with the highest standards of purity and potency compared to regular AKG.




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We're pleased to have this invitation-only offer from Rejuvant. To order and get 10%, go to their store with the button below and use code 'SMIA'

Maintains Neural/Brain function

Improves gut health and functions

Immune system enhancer

Supercharges antioxidant production

Promotes bone strength and health

benefits muscle function and atp production

Healthier Skin and collagen boost

Promotes cellular health

See how REJUVANT's innovative formula came out on top among other supplements in reversing biological age! 

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